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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Make a Pilates 'du Jour' Sign

aily hand-written signs are friendly and lively. They let people know what's going on inside your business. Restaurants use handwritten signs to feature what they have on the menu for that day - why not a Pilates studio?

Most people like to find a studio fairly close to their home or work. If a potential client has been eye-ing your studio on the way home, why not give them an invitation to come to class? Create a eye catching Today's Classes sign. Perhaps after seeing the "Wednesday Mat Class at 12:00" displayed on your sign, 3 or 4 times -the 5th time they may just stop in.

I made this one out of a children's' Ikea dry-erase board and added some wheat grass to give it a little character. It paid for itself within the first 3 hours it was out on the corner.

This Ikea dry erase board was $20 and the wheat grass $2.00-$3.00 a piece. Find them at any health food grocery or pet store. You could also use river stones. I think a little detail like this makes it interesting to foot traffic.

I chose wheat grass because I think it give the feeling of vitality!

I even put a few business cards in the grass.

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  1. I love you sign -- it is *very* inviting...Great idea if your location gets a lot of foot traffic. Thanks for sharing!