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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Make your own Foot & Ankle Therapy Box

Make a wonderful foot and ankle therapy box for your studio!

What you will need:
  • Rolling plant base
  • Square or oval basket or container at least 2' wide and 10" deep
  • Decorative stone pebbles, marbles or dry beans.

For the base of your foot therapy box, you will need a rolling plant base. These are very commonly found at garden & patio supply shops. This one was around $8._ I tried to find a square base that matched the shape of my container.

Decorative stone pebbles have earth tones that look nice with a woven basket. _I also like the weight and resistance they give the feet. Physical Therapists commonly use dry beans for hand and foot rehab - you can also use marbles. (Use any container or filler you like: a canvas container would look pretty with white dried beans.) These are found in craft stores or floral decoration departments. For a few bags of pebbles it cost about $25

Place the basket on the rolling plant base, and fill the basket up with the decorative pebbles.

And now we are ready for some happy feet!

With the client sitting tall on their sits bones, place a small ball between the knees. The basket can roll to wherever they are sitting. Make sure the client has her knees at as close to a 90 degree angle as you can manage. The client can bury their feet in the pebbles and perform all the wonderful foot and ankle exercises you can think of._I love to keep the heels stationary and move the pebbles away from the center - then towards the center. Of course, there are always inchworms!
This is a really fun and refreshing way to perform some of our standard foot and ankle exercises. Clients get a lot of proprioceptive stimulation from the pebbles and it is a really effective feel-good exercise for tired feet.

..And when you are finished, just roll it out of sight.

Total cost: about $45.00
Total return: Happy foot & ankle workouts.


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