Pressure Pillows

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Color: Butterly Pressure Pillows

I found this beautiful butterfly fabric yesterday and made Pressure Pillows out of it last night.

100% Cotton

Fall is my favorite and most productive season. It reminds me of my childhood with the air cooling, and the days getting shorter, we moved our projects inside. My mother always had a delicious soup on the stove or a apple crumble in the oven. The record player in the living room working away on Chopin; filling in the open spaces while we focus on our projects. These moments (and the record player) are still alive, and I cherish them..

My mom was searching for the right button to sew onto baby Henry's new socks.

She is a very gifted knitter. Our nephew Henry is always outfitted in hand made knits.

I love fall.

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  1. Sweet!!
    I love your blog!! Very creative stuff!!
    Thanks for sharing,