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Monday, December 6, 2010

Rachael's Holiday Survival Kit

Thank You Cards

There is nothing like a prompt thank you card. Carry them in your car's clove box and when you leave a party or receive a gift in the mail, write it promptly before it slips your mind. The only think better than a prompt thank you card is on which is beautifully original. Buy hand made if you can. This one is from the Craft Pantry on Etsy 6 cards for $9.50


Acidophilus helps in the production of a number of chemicals that aid the process of digestion. Over the holidays we are eating out more often, going over to other homes to eat; acidophilus is a wise choice to reduce the bloated after dinner feeling, it also helps boost the immune system. This particular brand is room temperature stable and it comes in individually wrapped pills making it easy to take them with you in your purse.

Refresher Course in Manners

This is one on my most favorite books. Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners. Embarking on the holiday's festivities we are sometimes taken off-guard by mixed company. Sharing the table with friends of friends and other peoples' families - some of whom may not be sharing our same political and religious beliefs. _ I find a good refresher course in my high table manners is always a good thing during this season. This book - laughable in parts - has great reminders on conversational etiquette: steering clear of the 'me me me' in conversation, and always remembering to truly engage the other people at the dinner table through conversation and kindness - without being overbearing. Sometimes it is so nice to leave the political issues outside. Even if others don't feel the same way; you can use your Jane Austen super-powers to kindly and patiently hear them out before you offer them more gravy.

Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners

Detox Tea

Again, a lot of times throughout the holidays we are eating out, and eating MORE than we usually do. Consuming a lot of meats, not always knowing if they are organically fed. Baked goods, alcohols all contribute to a build up of toxins in the body. Add the usual amount of holiday stress to that and we are setting the stage for some nasty feeling mornings. Keep up moderate exercise and also try drinking a good detox tea whenever possible.

What? ..

Hey, the saying goes: ".. and good cheer" - right? Stow away a flask of good cheer in your purse for when you go out for that
walk before dinner around the neighborhood to check out the Christmas lights. Pulling out a flask is a fun cheeky thing to do to surprise your friends. Makes looking at Aunt Beverly's scrap book a little more fun too. Of course be moderate, and don't drink and drive - but I don't have to say that right?

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